Office Features

Office staff have one of the hardest jobs in a school, the last thing they need is a difficult to use MIS system making that task even harder.

Moving to a new MIS is incredibly daunting for all office staff as we're well aware of the years you have to put into learning the arcane ways of older systems. So how do we prove to you that PupilAsset really is tons better? Book a demo and let us come and show you the future - it's surprisingly easy.

The Things You Need Quickly & Easily

We've spent countless hours sitting with office staff, finding out what they need to do quickly, and worked to make those tasks as straightforward as possible.

Core Tasks At Your Fingertips

1. Finding Pupils

PupilAsset Super Search is highly intelligent. It knows your pupils, which parents they have, what their phone numbers are, what the staff number plates are. You can even mark illness and create events right from the search page!

2. Registration

Registration. As soon as you log into PupilAsset as a power user, the Roll Call widget clearly shows you classes who have yet to register, and the absentee list shows you all of the pupils who failed to turn up - with the option to text message parents right there on that page.

Office Staff also get access to the ├╝ber-powerful Master Register - the swiss-army knife of registration.

3. End-of-year

Our end of year process has 6 buttons. It doesn't need an instruction manual and it doesn't need extensive training.

4. Census Returns

Your favourite days of the year? Ours too! Our Census Returns walk you through each step and are simple & straightforward.

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