Target Tracking

PupilAsset can be used as a tracker for targets by giving individual pupils levels or grades to aim for.

You can have up to 3 bespoke targets for each child, and assess progress against them, or even use them to override the standard school progression.

Multiple Target Tracking

As a school, you can configure how many target lines you would like your pupils to have, for example:

  • Personal Target
  • FFT Target
  • Stretch Target

These can be tracked against each student, and switched between comparing their actual results.

PupilAsset Targeting Computer

PupilAsset's in-built targeting computer allows you to set targets based on a number of levels, sub-levels, colours or points.

FFT Targets

You can also set or import individual end-of-keystage targets (for example from Fischer Family Trust (FFT) data) and use the Targeting Computer to aim for those.

Special Needs Targeting

A third option allows specialist targeting algorithms to be executed, for example the KASS Special Needs Progression Guidance model.

Individual Progress Override Using Targets

Special Needs schools (or those with a significant special needs component) can override the school's progress measures, opting those pupils out of whole-school progression.

This function is also incredibly useful for modelling high-achiever targets, and setting and measuring progress appropriate to the individual.

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