Tracking Behaviour

Behaviour Tracking is included free with both PA Tracker and PA MIS. You can also log Behaviour incidents (and much more besides) using our free Android/Apple app.

Track Positive Behaviour, Too

Why only record negative incidents? Keep a record of all behaviour - good and bad - to reference back to at Parents evening, or with the pupils themselves.

Cross-correlate Behaviour & Achievement

As with other factors on PupilAsset, behaviour can be cross-referenced against achievement, establishing whether there is a link for some children (or groups of children) and their progress.

Tracking Group Incidents

Incidents can be logged against several pupils simultaneously, making the registering of events quick & simple - even when stored against multiple pupil profile.

Outcomes and Action Plans

Register outcomes to behaviour events, and create action plans for individuals - these are even shareable with parents.

Take control of your school.