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Here you can find discussions and explanations surrounding the ever-changing education sector. We demonstrate how our system keeps up-to-date with these changes and simplifies them to make your life easier.

Blueprint for a tracking system - Pupil Asset

Will Akerman, 15th March 2017

In February 2017, school data guru James Pembroke set out "7 Principles of Effective Tracking". Here's how Pupil Asset empowers schools to lay the foundations of, and build upon, James' tracking blueprint. Pupil Asset enables schools to: 1. Define and input their own objectives Schools can write their ... 

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World Book Day - Is it still about books?

Jodie Huggins, 2nd March 2017

March 2nd and children everywhere are running into classrooms dressed as their favourite characters. Technically this should be a character from a book but does it really matter if a child wants to dress up as Spider Man or Elsa? World Book Day is an annual event to celebrate books, authors, ... 

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NEW! SMS messaging

Emma Woodhouse, 1st March 2017

Improve the attainment of your pupils and save thousands of pounds every year with our new SMS messaging service. With some of our schools sending as many as 20,000 messages a month, it is clear that text messaging is a popular method of communication, and rightly so. Keeping in touch with parents ... 

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