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Emma Woodhouse, 19th May 2017

We’re always keen to hear from you about your stories and the things you like – and sometimes don’t like – about Pupil Asset.

So we were thrilled when Kate Agget got in touch with us – all the way from Kenya.

Kate is the assistant head at St Andrew’s Preparatory School, in Turi, which is in the Great Rift Valley to the North West of Nairobi, and teaches pupils aged 5 to 13 years.

Children from across Africa and Europe study at the school which follows the British National Curriculum.

And we were thrilled when Kate said that the school was a big fan of Pupil Asset.

“We bought into Pupil Asset as I'd come across it briefly in my last school and we needed an intelligent, intuitive system which was quick and easy to use and most importantly allowed staff to spend more time using the analysis of data than doing it!

“We love that with PA all the hard work is done for you, it is straightforward to use and produces analysis that we can instantly use to inform our teaching and learning.

“Virtually without exception our staff have seen an almost instant impact on their teaching, knowledge of the curriculum and interaction with parents.

“With everything at their fingertips, staff can take great confidence from the fact they can immediately identify and evidence pupils’ strengths and weaknesses, know their individual progress through the curriculum and share this with parents and colleagues easily and transparently.

“We also love that we can create and track against our own bespoke frameworks, relevant to our unique curriculum and cultural setting.

“In an educational climate where assessment is in danger of being somewhat directionless, we have been fully supported in creating a system that tracks in a way we value and that is meaningful and purposeful for our staff and pupils. Pupil Asset's support in helping us innovate these bespoke tracking solutions has been second to none.”

Thank you Kate – that’s lovely to hear and we hope to talk to you a bit more and tell everybody about your school!

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