Assessment Updates - July 2017

Steph Reddington, 4th July 2017

20th July

Article: Sats - Writing assessment changes need time 'to bed in', says Greening

The TES reports that Education secretary, Justine Greening has confirmed that "in 2017, no intervention will be made on the basis of writing data alone", which continues the precedent set last year. She has also confirmed that whilst the writing data will still be published, the DfE is working with Ofsted to ensure that no single measure, including writing progress or attainment, should determine judgements. Read the full article here. 

20th July

Blog Post: Making the Cut

Data analyst and regular TES columnist, James Pembroke, urges school leaders to undertake full reviews of their assessment practices, asking the question 'Does this have a positive impact on learning?'.  Citing the Workload Review Group report on data management, he encourages schools to 'be ruthless and only collect what is needed to support outcomes for children.' Read the full blog article here

20th July

Government Publication: 2017 School and College Performance Tables Statement of Intent

This latest statement of intent sets out the DfE's plans for the content of the 2017 school and college performance tables. As a result of previously announced government reforms to the way schools and colleges are held to account for their performance, a number of new performance measures appear for the first time this year at key stage 4 and 16-18. Read the full document here

13th July

Reminder: Key stage 2 tests - applying for a review of pupils’ test results - deadline 14th July 

Headteachers can request a review of pupils' test results if they believe that there is a discrepancy between how question(s) have been marked and the published mark scheme. A review is successful if it results in a change to: the pupil achieving the expected standard; the pupil not meeting the expected standard; a change of 3 or more marks to the raw score.  The deadline for application is Friday 14th July.  Click here for full guidance. 

11th July

Article: #Satsshambles - Heads demand publication of 'secret' marking guidance

Following on from last week's 'Twitter storm', whereby teachers took to social media to complain about the 'unfair' marking of this year's SPaG test, Union Leaders are now calling for 'secret markers' guidance', published by Pearson, to also be shared publicly. This is amid concerns that the differences between Pearson's guidance and the guidance published by the STA could have cost children valuable marks and lowered teachers' confidence in the whole process. Read the full article in the TES, here

7th July 

Article: Teachers outraged as pupils marked down for correct answer in SPaG test

Writing for the TES, educational research specialist, Adi Bloom, reports on how teachers have angrily taken to social media to criticise this year's marking of the SPaG test. The outrage seems to have been sparked by the fact that some children who accurately positioned a semicolon in a sentence have had their answer marked wrong, while others have been told their answer is correct. Read the full article here

5th July 

Government Publication: Promotional Materials - information for parents

The STA have produced two information leaflets about the 2017 key stage 1 national curriculum assessment results (often referred to as SATs) for parents.  

Information for parents: 2017 national curriculum assessment results at the end of key stage 1

Information for parents: 2017 national curriculum assessment results at the end of key stage 2

5th July

Article: Sats - 'It feels like an unpredictable blanket bog of accountability can pull us down at any moment'

Writing for the TES, James Pembroke, the 'Data Doctor', discusses the controversial floor standards and the rising numbers of students meeting the expected standard across reading, writing and maths.  Highlighting the unpredictability of the current system, he asks 'how much of the tweaking of pass marks is about maintaining comparability of expected standards from one year to the next, and how much is it about maintaining the right amount of "improvement"?'.  Read the full article here.  

4th July

Government Publication: Statistical First Release - Key Stage 2 

The Government have published provisional headline information on the 2017 national curriculum assessments at key stage 2. This statistical first release (SFR) gives provisional headline figures on 2017 key stage 2 national curriculum assessment results for pupils in schools in England. It includes results from the key stage 2 tests in: Reading; Mathematics; Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling; and Writing Teacher Assessments. Click here to view full document. 

4th July

Government Publication: STA updates for schools

This week's update includes: a thank you to schools who submitted Phonics Screening Check data in time; information about the KS2 end of year assessments; a link to the provisional SFR for KS2 results and information on test scripts. Read the full STA update which includes all the relevant links here.

4th July

Government Publication: Key Stage 2 Conversion Tables

The DfE have, today, published the Key Stage 2 conversion tables that have been used to convert raw scores in the 2017 key stage 2 national curriculum tests to scaled scores. Access the tables here. This year, 61% of children met the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths - an 8% increase on the 53% who met it in 2016.  

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