Assessment Updates - October 2016

Steph Reddington, 15th November 2016

October Updates

In the News…

Justine Greening makes announcement on future of Primary Assessment

On 19th October, Education Secretary, Justine Greening released a written ministerial statement on primary assessment.

Acknowledging that the pace of recent changes has been ‘stretching’, one of the headlines is that there will be no national tests or assessments introduced before the 2018/19 academic year. There will, however be a consultation on the longer term future of primary assessment which is set for the early new year.

Other highlights include:

  • Improved guidance for the moderation of teacher assessment
  • Introduction of mandatory training for LA moderators
  • KS1 SPaG test will remain non-statutory
  • There will be no mathematics or English resit tests for year 7 children

Read the full statement here.

Justine Greening highlights importance of having the highest aspirations for all children.

Coasting Standards Definition Confirmed

In the latest update of the Primary Accountability document, the Government have confirmed the measures required for a school to be considered coasting.

As previously, this will rely on three years of school data.

For full details, see page 8 of the document by clicking here.

Schools will have to be below coasting definition in three consecutive years. Source: TES

Rochford Review – Final Report Published

Last year, the Government commissioned Diane Rochford to lead the review into assessment of pupils working below the standards of the test. The main recommendation is the removal of the statutory requirement to assess pupils with SEND using P Scales. Instead, the review calls for existing ‘pre-Key Stage’ standards to remain, with additional categories being introduced to enable broader assessment opportunities. The report’s recommendations will form part of the consultation on Primary Assessment early in the new year with final decisions being made following the consultation.

To read the full document, click here.

The final report, following interim recommendations proposed in Dec 2015.

New Publications: Statutory Guidance for 2017.

On 21 October, the STA and DfE published a range of useful documents for the current academic year:

Statutory Guidance: 2017 EYFS: Assessment and Reporting Arrangements (ARA)

Statutory Guidance: Key Stage 1: Assessment and Reporting Arrangements (ARA)

Statutory Guidance: Key Stage 2: Assessment and Reporting Arrangements (ARA)

Guidance: Key Stage 1 Assessments: 2017 Planner

Guidance: Key Stage 1 Assessments: 2017 Planner

A wide range of statutory guidance is available from

Action: Academies and Free Schools monitoring and moderation arrangements

Academy and Free School funding agreements require them to comply with statutory moderation and monitoring requirement for end of Key Stage assessments. Provision must be in place for:

  • Phonics screening check
  • KS1 Moderation of teacher assessment
  • KS2 Test monitoring
  • KS2 Moderation of teacher assessment

To find out more about the requirements, click here.

Provision must be in place for effective monitoring

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