April 2017

Steph Reddington, 28th April 2017

In the News...

DfE closes ‘Progress Loophole of Despair’ for Key Stage 2 students 

In September 2016, TES columnist and data expert, James Pembroke wrote a blog pointing out a loophole in the new primary accountability progress measures. Having played around with the KS2 Pupil Ready Reckoner, he discovered that in certain situations schools could benefit by entering children with SEND into tests that they were likely to fail to gain an advantage in the overall school progression calculations.

Now, in response to feedback from schools and other stakeholders, the DfE have responded by updating their primary school accountability guidance to reveal changes to the scores given to children working below the standard of the test. This effectively closes the loophole and ensures that schools no longer have an incentive to enter pupils into tests which are unsuitable. 

For a full article by the TES, click here.  

For KS2 Pupil Ready Reckoner, click here and then ‘how Osfted and DfE analyse your data’).

Reminder: Primary assessment consultations - have your say! 

Seeking views on the future of primary assessment and the implications for accountability, the Government launched their consultation on primary assessment on 30th March.  

Running alongside this is a parallel consultation on the recommendations of the Rochford Review to look at how the school assessment system tracks the progress of children of all abilities. 

Both consultations close on 22nd June 2017. 

Pupil Asset News...

New GCSE result type introduced

On 28th March, Education Secretary, Justine Greening wrote to the Education Select Committee about the GCSE grades 9-1. 

This letter clarified the following “Rather than reporting on a ‘good pass’ [grade 5], we will instead distinguish between a grade 4 as a ‘standard pass’ and a grade 5 as a ‘strong pass’ and report on both.”

In order to reflect this, Pupil Asset has now introduced a new GCSE result type, available to all schools. If you would like to move over to the new result type and convert any previously entered data, please contact the Support Team who will be happy to help.