August 2017

Steph Reddington, 31st August 2017

31st August

Government Publication: STA updates for schools

This week's update includes: a reminder that the performance tables data checking exercise is open from today until 5pm on Friday 15 September; a reminder that KS2 provisional statistics have been published and a reminder that the DfE launched an updated and improved version of Analyse school performance (ASP) in July. Read the full STA update which includes all the relevant links here.

31st August

Blog Post: Provisional KS2 data 2017: Five key points from today’s release

Writing for Education datalab, Dave Thompson, Chief Statistician at FFT, highlights five major points from the DfE's latest (provisional) Key Stage 2 Statistical Release. Click here for the full article. 

31st August 

Government Publication: Primary school accountability in 2017: technical guide

The DfE have updated the Primary school accountability technical guide with information about changes to the primary progress methodology in 2017 for pupils below the standard of the test. Also updated figures in the document with provisional 2017 data. Read the full document here

31st August 

Reminder: 2017 Data Checking Website opens 

The 2017 key stage 2 performance tables checking exercise, enabling schools to check their data prior to publication in the 2017 DfE performance tables, runs from 9.30am Thursday 31 August 2017 until 5.00pm Friday 15 September 2017. Click here for more information. Click here to log in to the 2017 Primary School (KS2) Tables Checking Site.  

31st August

Government Publication: National curriculum assessments at key stage 2 in England, 2017 (provisional)

This statistical first release (SFR) provides provisional data about attainment in the 2017 key stage 2 national curriculum assessment results for pupils in schools in England, at national, regional and local authority level. This is additional information to that published in the interim SFR on 4 July 2017. Click here for full document. 

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