February 2016

Steph Reddington, 21st July 2016

February Updates

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Interim Pre-Key Stage Guidance

Following advice from the Rochford Review, the interim pre-key stage standards are for teachers to report a statutory assessment outcome for pupils at the end of key stage 1 and 2 who have not yet completed the relevant programmes of study but have reached a chronological age that requires a statutory outcome to be reported.

Pupil Asset users will be able to record their Interim Teacher Assessment judgments via the Results section.

Read the KS1 Pre-ITAF document

Read the KS2 Pre-ITAF document

Primary School Accountability Report Released

The DfE have reformed primary accountability to allow better recognition of schools doing well with a challenging intake, and to challenge those that are not doing enough with a high attaining intake.

Reforms to primary accountability from 2016 include:
- new headline attainment and progress performance measures
- a new floor standard

The assessments used to calculate progress between KS1 and KS2 in 2016 will be:
- KS1 results in Reading, Writing and Maths teacher assessments, that took place in summer 2012 when the 2016 Yr 6 cohort were aged 7
- KS2 results in Reading and Maths tests, reported as scaled scores, and the English writing teacher assessments that will take place in summer 2016

Read the full DfE publication

DfE Exemplification Documents for 2016

On 29th January 2016, the DfE released exemplification documents to support teachers in their assessment of Mathematics for 2016.

The documents contain material that exemplifies all of the statements within the KS1 and KS2 Interim Teacher Assessment Framework for 'working at the expected standard'.

Teachers must ensure that for each pupil, they check and record whether there is sufficient evidence for each of the statements within the standard – Don't forget you can do this in Pupil Asset using the KPI/Power Clumps option in the multi-tick page.

Read the KS1 Maths Exemplification

Read the KS2 Maths Exemplification

This was followed up on 8th February with the release of the Writing exemplification documents.

The Writing exemplification shows examples of pupils' work at the standards detailed in the Interim Teacher Assessment frameworks. There are annotated and unannotated versions available to aid training and moderation

Read the KS1 Writing Exemplification

Read the KS2 Writing Exemplification

DfE Set Dates for More Assessment

Following the success of the November webinars, the DfE will be hosting 2 more live, interactive webinars on Friday 26 February:
- 2016 primary assessments webinar: key stage 1 re-visited at 11am
- 2016 primary assessments webinar: key stage 2 re-visited at 2pm

Teachers can register online now to participate in the live events and to submit questions to the panel of experts in advance. Both webinars will be recorded and made available afterwards, without the need to register, for those schools and teachers who are unable to participate in the live broadcast.

Click here for registration

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