July 2016

Steph Reddington, 20th July 2016

July Updates

In the News...

KS2 Scaled Scores Released

Having externally marked the tests, the DfE have returned the KS2 scores via NCA Tools. For each pupil and subject, schools should have received:

* a raw score
* a scaled score (unless the pupil failed to meet the threshold)
* either AS (expected standard achieved) or NS (expected not achieved)

The government has raised the bar by introducing higher floor standards, banning calculators for maths tests and introducing a spelling, punctuation and grammar test.

Schools can use the test conversion tables to understand the relationship between the raw scores and scaled scores for each test.

Pupil Asset users can easily import their KS2 Data from NCA Tools. Simply go to Admin > Import, choose the right file, and hit Upload. The pupils will match on UPN, so just hit continue and it'll take care of itself!

Also, watch out for new KS1 and KS2 reporting features coming soon...

Justine Greening Appointed as New Education Secretary

In the wake of Brexit, new Prime Minister, Teresa May has completely reshuffled the Tory cabinet.

Both Michael Gove and Nicky Morgen have been sacked with Justine Greening, previous secretary of state for international development, being appointed as the new education secretary as well as the new minister for women and equalities.

Read the full article here

Interim Frameworks for 2017 published

The DfE have ‘updated’ the interim frameworks and the pre-key stage standards for KS1 and KS2.

The frameworks remain the same as 2016 except for a single additional paragraph relating to assessment of pupils with physical disabilities or sensory impairment.

The extension of the interim framework is to provide some stability to schools whilst alternative assessment is discussed.

All of the frameworks can be found here.

Pupil Asset users can track related NC objectives via the NC Frameworks (more info here).

Alternatively, the actual ITAF frameworks can be turned on via Admin > School Options > Frameworks.

Government confirms Multiplication tests and Year 7 re-sits will NOT be compulsory.

Following previous announcements, it has been reconfirmed that there will be no statutory requirement on schools to administer either the multiplication tables check or the Year 7 re-sits for the academic year 2016/17.

Further information about these tests will follow in due course. Watch this space...

RAISE Online – changes for 2016 data

RAISE online have reviewed their reports in light of the changes to assessment and accountability.

In a comprehensive newsletter, details of what the new measures are, what data will be published, how it will look and how it compares to previous years’ measures are outlined.

It is also confirms that no historic data will be shown for key stages 1, 2 or 4, as data are not comparable.

Click here for the full report.

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