Bett Show 2017

Emma Woodhouse, 27th January 2017

Bett 2017, we had a blast!

It’s the big education event of the year and Pupil Asset were delighted to be at Bett 2017.

The event takes place at London’s Excel Arena, a vast conference hall.

We were rubbing shoulders with the likes of Microsoft, Google, and Sony as well as a plethora of companies and social enterprises of all shapes and sizes each focusing on the education market.

There was also a strong international flavour to the event with representatives from a host of countries from Norway, Turkey, Israel, Korea, and the United Arab Emirates to name a few.

So what struck us?

Well, if you are looking for hardware – from computer tablets to Dictaphones, then you have come to the right place, and there were also many businesses vying to sell software and e-learning systems.

There were also a host of seminars on topics ranging from leadership, innovation, and the future of the digital classroom.

One seminar of particular interest was a presentation from Dr Raj Chande, senior advisor to the Behavioural Insights Team, who talked about the findings of a study looking at how texting parents can help raise attainment. A test group of parents were sent texts about that days learning as well as reminders about homework and upcoming tests.

Conversational prompts gave them the tools to engage with their children about what they had learnt that day.

It’s a subject we have been thinking about too and it was fascinating to hear about what worked and what didn’t, and also what both parents and pupils thought about it – their reaction wasn’t as bad as feared apparently, and there seemed to be an acceptance from them (albeit grudging perhaps) that telling parents more about what is going on, might be a good thing.

Interestingly the results of his study seemed to show that texting seemed to help improve maths scores, but had no impact on English or Science results.

He also said that the next step would be to see how messaging could be varied to suit different students and at different times of the day.

We kept our Twitter regularly updated throughout Bett and uploaded lots of pictures over on our Instagram. Go take a look for yourself!

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