Has your MIS been agile enough to support your school during the disruption?

, 10th July 2020

Having an online system and a dedicated, UK based, development team means that Pupil Asset can adapt quickly to support you when you need it most - recent examples of this include:

  • Creating new pupil fields for the children of key workers
  • Creating new registration options, empowering schools to manage Free School Meal allocations and provision
  • Providing the data needed by the DfE in a simple, and immediate report built from reduced registers and sign in
  • Including and updating parent portals, apps and messaging which can be accessed from remote locations
  • Supporting the creation of 'bubble' classes for registration and meals whilst still retaining an accurate overview of class history
  • Registration codes to understand when pupils and staff may be shielding or self-isolating
  • Customisable in September for baselining returning pupils
  • Teaming up with Juniper Education to provide a range of resources for September and beyond

I’ve always strived to help schools and have been lucky enough to see the positive impact that careful thought, good software and dedicated teaching has on pupil achievement; not to mention the helping hand that good software can provide for staff.

Academic year 2019/20, however, has provided Ed-tech companies a tangible way to feel like they are there for their schools more than ever. Resource websites have flourished, parents have been provided free access to teaching tools and a new appreciation for the teaching profession has evolved (long may it last). From a personal perspective I have never been prouder of Pupil Asset and our staff.

The dedication of our development and support team and agile nature of cloud-based software has allowed us to reduce stress at a time when schools needed it most; within hours of DfE guidance we were able to provide an MIS for the ‘new normal’. We want all our customers to know how we can help them prepare for a September like no other.

So I guess, the question would be - did your existing MIS do these things to make your life easier during partial closure?

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