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Emma Woodhouse, 1st March 2017

Improve the attainment of your pupils and save thousands of pounds every year with our new SMS messaging service.

With some of our schools sending as many as 20,000 messages a month, it is clear that text messaging is a popular method of communication, and rightly so. Keeping in touch with parents is essential. At a basic level, schools need to keep parents abreast of issues regarding attendance and absence as well as any changes to scheduling or events.

This is why we have just launched our very own, market-leading SMS messaging service which is now available to all Pupil Asset users - no longer just MIS schools! At 3.1p (+VAT) per text and with no additional annual fee it is considerably cheaper than all other parent communication systems we have researched. Our newly designed interface lets you send and view messages quickly and easily - it even allows you to first select pupils by year/group/individual, then select which of their parents or guardians to send to! Paying for your SMS balance is also straightforward. You can top-up securely whenever you need to using a credit or debit card, directly from the system.

If you are yet to be convinced, there are benefits to be had from regular communications with parents. Research by The Behavioural Insights team proves that parental engagement improves student attainment. Here are just some of the ways our new text messaging service can be used to improve the performance of your school:

  • Sending regular updates of what has been covered in class that day or week can encourage parents to engage with their children about their learning at home. This can include conversational prompts to encourage students to talk more about their day and what they have been taught.
  • Homework reminders. Sort your messages by class/subject and text parents with a summary of what homework has been set that week. Parents can be involved to ensure students put aside enough time to complete their tasks.
  • Exam or test reminders. Tips on how to support your child at home with upcoming tests and how parents can support revision can ease the worry when it comes to exams.

Pupil Asset SMS is a quick and easy way to deliver texts instantly to the right groups of parents/carers. We’ve created a simple system to allow schools to quickly sort and target their messages.

The following articles will help you get started:

Here's a quick preview of what's available for you to use right now:

1. Quickly add in pupils by class, set, group, academic year.

2. Select which parent/guardians are to be contacted, with quick picks for ‘All’, ‘Primary’ or ‘Responsible’.

3. Select different means of communication such as email, app (PATTR) or letter. You can clearly see the cost of the message and the chosen methods of communication.

4. Top up their SMS balance from the same screen via credit card or invoice. Text messages are charged at a market leading rate of 3.1p (+vat) per SMS.

Based on our user statistics, a school sending 20,000 messages a month would save £5,472 in a year by using Pupil Asset SMS messaging when comparing this to the costs provided by SIMS. So, if you are a new customer and interested in joining Pupil Asset to take advantage of this messaging service, please call 01603 631436 or email Existing users can start saving time and money instantly by heading to Messaging > SMS. We value your feedback so please feel free to email to let us know what you think!

Frequently asked questions

Can I check my previous messages to ensure I’m not texting the same person twice with the same message?

Of course! We have history pages with delivery reports to see the status of previous messages.

Can I track my SMS usage so I can see when I need to top up?

Yes, this is in your account. When you do top up, you can access your new allowance immediately.

If I send the same message to 200 parents - do I just pay for one text?

Sadly not. If you’re messaging 200 parents then you’ll pay for 200 texts. However we make it easy for you to set up groups of parents to text to ensure that you are only ever communicating with the right people and not wasting any of your text allowance.

If I chose to pay by credit card rather than invoice will I still get an invoice?

Yes you’ll still receive an invoice by email as normal but your payment will be taken using your card.

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