Switching to Pupil Asset is easy

Will Caston Cook, 26th February 2019

Switching to Pupil Asset is so simple

Most schools can be up and running in less than a week.

We’ll talk you through each stage of the process.

After speaking with our Sales Team, you'll have all of the information you need to make a decision and get started with these 3 simple steps:

✅ Sign and return your Online Welcome Pack.

✅ Let us know which staff require what access levels.

✅ We'll extract and import your data into Pupil Asset.

That's it!

As Pupil Asset is cloud-based, there are no complicated servers to install and everything can be done remotely!

It really is that simple.

Don't just take our word for it - see how easy it's been for other schools.

Q&A with Laurie Bolt

Laurie Bolt has overseen several MIS migrations in her 16 years working in a school office.

"Pupil Asset was the easiest one," Laurie says.

In fact, she loved Pupil Asset so much that she now works for us as a Support Officer!

Now, armed with almost 20 years experience, Laurie shares the most common fears that schools have when considering an MIS move.

1. Are you serious? A whole week without my MIS?!

Firstly, don’t panic! Yes, it takes up to a week to extract the data from your old MIS and import it into Pupil Asset - however, you can still view data in your old MIS during this time. Now, of course, if you were to make any changes during this week, they won't be imported into Pupil Asset. However, here is a great tip: simply keep a paper record for these few days, then manually input them into Pupil Asset once your migration is complete. These might include registers, meals, changes to contact details, etc. Once your account is up and running, simply pop the information into Pupil Asset.

2. Who do I contact when Pupil Asset is being set up?

During Migration, you'll have a dedicated point of contact who understands the needs of your school. Help is at hand! They'll be able to talk through any questions you may have.

The great thing about Pupil Asset is that there's a dedicated, friendly Support Team at the end of the phone between 8:30am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (or via email, or via a Support Request that you can raise through Pupil Asset).

This is one thing that really stood out for me during my time in a school office - it was a total godsend!

3. Does Pupil Asset have a training manual?

You can find a huge help section on our website which should cover any items on your day-to-day To Do list. We also regularly update our online webinars - these are live training videos that you can watch whenever is most convenient for you. And, of course, there's always our Support Team on-hand to help.

4. How can we deal with all the different dietary requirements and allergies of our pupils?

Excellent question! You can print a list of meals for the kitchen along with any allergies and dietary requirements that are recorded on the child’s record. There's also a user access for Catering if your kitchen is computer-friendly!

Case Study: St Cecilia’s

During his 22 years as a Headteacher, Vince Burke has used many different MIS solutions.

Now Head of St Cecilia’s School in Surrey, one of Vince's first challenges was to look at the budgets and identify how he could save money and make the school more efficient.

Reducing IT costs was a huge part of this.

"Money is so tight in schools now, we have to make sure we’re getting the best value," he said.

Getting rid of costly physical servers in the school was a top priority (as was dumping the school's ancient Windows-based PCs and replacing them with cheaper, lighter, virus-free Google Chromebooks).

With cloud-computing the obvious cost-effective IT solution for the school, Vince began talking to companies offering cloud-based MIS systems.

"Pupil Asset were the best by far. They stood out because of the people - and the company values. We loved the overall ethos of Pupil Asset.

The Sales Team weren’t pushy or brash - they understood that this was a big decision for our school, one that required the whole community to be onboard. The demos were excellent.

The migration was easy and pain-free. I didn’t get involved at all - my PA managed the whole thing seamlessly. The process was very smooth. And the Pupil Asset Support Team were always on hand to answer any questions.

Adelaide (from our Sales and Onboarding team) was excellent throughout. Always so friendly and helpful.

This was the reason we chose Pupil Asset: the people. It was the obvious choice."

For more details get in touch on 01603 631436 or email sales@pupilasset.com for further information.

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