Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions about Pupil Asset.

Which computers do you support?

  • Any PC or Mac with an up-to-date web browser (latest 2 major versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer work best)
  • iPad or Google Tablets
  • iPhone or Android Handsets

Do you support the New National Curriculum?

Yes. There's more information on our support for assessing without levels here.

Can we switch to PA MIS from SIMS?

Yes, and Integris too. It takes about a week for us to extract all of your data and move it across to Pupil Asset.

How do I keep Pupil Asset Data up-to-date with my MIS?

If you wish to use Pupil Asset Tracker but keep running your own MIS, our MIS Sync product extracts up-to-date pupil data from your MIS overnight allowing you to run Pupil Asset Tracker alongside your existing MIS.
SIMS and Integris support only.

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