Formatively assessing foundation subjects

Pupil Asset provides assessment frameworks for many of the National Curriculum (2014) foundation subjects. These frameworks are designed to support teachers’ on-going assessment of learners’ attainment and progress. Each framework charts the year-on-year progression in ‘Understanding and Skills’ that pupils are expected to make. Where the National Curriculum stipulates the content through which this ‘Understanding and Skills’ should be acquired, this is provided as ‘Curriculum coverage’ statements. 

Understanding and Skills describes the generic learning that pupils are likely to return to regularly and build upon as they move through the school. The National Curriculum (2014) expectations that relate to 'Understanding and Skills' have been broken down into yearly statements to help teachers monitor on-going progress. Pupil Asset has devised these year-on-year expectations in consultation with the appropriate National Curriculum (2014) programmes of study, with specialist teachers and with reference to assessment frameworks made freely available by subject societies.  

Curriculum coverage refers to the knowledge that pupils are expected to acquire in the foundation subjects, for example, the Romans in History or the use of cams, pulleys and gears in Design and Technology. It is the substantive learning that pupils may only cover once during a Key Stage or phase of their education. In some frameworks, Curriculum Coverage is stipulated for each year group, though this can, of course, be edited. In other cases (see below), coverage has been given as end of Key Stage expectations and schools are encouraged to edit their frameworks to specify the year in which different topics are taught.                                

Schools can also add, remove and edit assessment statements by cloning and then editing one the above frameworks. Find out more about editing frameworks here. 

To preview a Formative Framework, navigate to Admin > School Options and select Frameworks from the menu down the left-hand side of the page. 

Click All Frameworks

Click Preview on any framework. 

Click Print to print or save a copy of this preview. 

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