Result Types in Pupil Asset

Result Types are the standard summative assessment options that you can use to track students' results on Pupil Asset. 

Result types are categorised into 3 different types: Stepped/Linear, Flat or Mark-Set - as well as a generic Other type for free-text. 

Standard Pupil Asset Result Types

Other Result Types available in Pupil Asset: 

  • EYFS Development Matter Bands
  • EYFS Judgements 
  • Grades A-G / 1-9 
  • Scaled Scores 
  • Standardised Scores
  • Raw Scores
  • Phonics Screening Test 
  • KS1 and KS2 Statutory results 
  • Vocational Grades e.g. Pass/Merit/Distinction

Bespoke Result Types in Pupil Asset

Pupil Asset has a fully customisable system to allow your own tracking approach to be taken. If you wish to create a more bespoke tracking solution, this will need to be discussed with one of our educational specialists and may incur additional costs.  Please contact our Sales Team for more information.  

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