How to suspend classes and create temporary ‘bubble’ classes

This guidance is for suspending your pupils’ normal classes and creating temporary bubble classes to show as their class throughout the system.

Make sure you’ve read our blog post Managing pupil ‘bubbles’ in Pupil Asset before deciding if this approach is the best for your school.

Suspending classes

To suspend your classes, go to Admin > Bubble Classes.

The functionality here is quite simple. Your existing classes for this academic year will be suspended once you hit the Suspend Classes button. They will not be deleted and can be unsuspended when you need to.

Creating bubble classes

Once your classes are suspended, you can go to Pupils > Groups and click the + symbol next to Classes to create your bubble classes like any other class.

Give the class a name (perhaps with ‘Bubble’ or similar in the name to help distinguish them). The ‘Bubble Class’ field should automatically be ticked on if you currently have suspended classes. Don’t worry about refining dates or any other fields in the class creation window, just click Save.

Once your classes are created simply add pupils and users to the class as you would normally. For guidance on how to do this please see: How to set up classes and pupil groups.

Using bubble classes

Once you’ve suspended your classes, your bubble classes will show on all screens where your regular classes would show (including registers, school meals, fire registers etc.)

The only exceptions are if you write school reports or if you have an email template that refers to class. In these cases a pupil’s class will still show as their regular class.

Filtering by suspended classes

If you need to filter to your suspended classes to message specific classes or generate reports you can do this by going to your Filters and changing the Archive from ‘Today’ to 2019/20.

This will show suspended classes alongside your bubble classes. To show only your regular classes you can set the archive to On roll between and set both start and end dates to a single date (preferably the day before you suspended your classes to avoid filtering out recent admissions).

You can then select and filter to your classes as you normally would.

To message suspended groups, follow these steps on the Pupil List screen and then use the tickbox column to select all your filtered pupils and use the Pupil actions dropper to send an SMS or Email.

Unsuspending classes

To return to your classes for this academic year, go back to Admin > Bubble Classes.

You will now have a button to Unsuspend Classes. Click this to restore your regular classes for this academic year and archive your bubble classes.

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