Click on the calendar icon, you'll find it in the top right of your screen in the red menu bar.

Click on the trip/event to be amended and then click on Edit Event . This will open the event pane.

Here you can amend the Event, Date, Time, Details and Location.

Scroll down to the Who? section.

Here you can amend:

1. Pupils

  • Add pupil/s by searching in the quick add box and clicking the + icon.
  • Remove pupils by clicking the X icon under Remove Guest.

Any pupil removed from an event will have that event removed from the Transactions within the Payments tab in their individual pupil profile.

2. Payment Contributions

  • Amend any pupil/s payment - only if the contribution has not been paid.
  • If the contribution has already been paid the pupil will have to be removed from the event and re-added with the new contribution figure.

Any amendments will be reflected in Transactions within the Payments tab of their pupil profile.

3. Consent

Manually amend pupil/s status.

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