EYFS 2020/21

These help notes are to support schools who have registered with the DfE as participating in the EYFS reforms early adopter year from September 2020 to August 2021.

Early adopter schools: framework for the early years foundation stage

The level of development children should be expected to have attained by the end of the EYFS is defined by the early learning goals (ELGs).

The ELGs should support teachers to make a holistic, best-fit judgement about a child’s development, and their readiness for year 1. In the final term of the year in which the child reaches age five, and no later than 30 June in that term, the EYFS Profile must be completed for each child.

Each child’s level of development must be assessed against the early learning goals. Practitioners must indicate whether children are meeting expected levels of development, or if they are not yet reaching expected levels (emerging). This is the EYFS Profile.

Accessing the new ELGs in Pupil Asset

Formative Assessment frameworks can be switched on / off via Admin > School Options > Frameworks.

The new ELGs can be found in the following framework:

Once the framework has been switched on, you will be able to access it via the formative assessment sections as usual.

NB - this framework currently only has the new ELGs in it. We intend to update it with Development Matters statements as soon as these have been published.


Q. Can we track termly, summative grades against the new prime/specific areas from September 2020?

A. If you would like us to support you in the setting up of new EYFS aspects, to enable you to track against the new prime/specific areas from September, please contact our Sales Team and we can discuss your requirements.

Q. If we decide not to track the new/prime specific areas from September and we just wish to record the ELGs for the statutory EYFS Profile in the summer term, will this be possible?

A. Yes. For those schools who are choosing to simply record the statutory ELG judgements at the end of Reception, we will be able to set you up new EYFS aspects with the relevant end of year columns in which to record these judgements. Please contact our Sales Team and we can we can discuss your requirements.

Q. What if we want to track both the current areas and the new areas? Will this be possible?

A. Yes, although we would urge you to consider teacher workload, before this decision is taken and remember that as a registered Early Adopter you are required to submit the new ELGs to the DfE. If you would like to set up new EYFS aspects to run alongside the current ones, please contact our Sales Team and we can discuss your requirements.

Q. We would still like to be able to record ELG Exceeding for internal assessment purposes. Will this be possible with the new EYFS framework?

A. In the new framework, ELG Exceeding has been removed and so any statutory columns will not have this option. However, if you would like your internal tracking model to still include the ELG Exceeding, this is not a problem. We can set you up with new EYFS aspects, but keep your existing school model in place. Please contact our Sales Team and we can we can discuss your requirements.

Q. What about Development Matters?

A. Pre-schools and nurseries are currently trialling materials for an updated version of Development Matters. Prior to the Covid-19 crisis, it was anticipated that this will be available for use from September 2020. Do remember, that Development Matters is only a guide and it is not designed to replace practitioner professional knowledge and experience. Watch “Julian Grenier reveals Development Matters plans” or “What is Development Matters really for?” for more information.

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