Pupil Asset's National Curriculum frameworks

Pupil Asset always aims to stay up to date and, where necessary, will publish new assessment frameworks to ensure that schools have access to the latest from the DfE.

On 14 February 2018, the DfE released new Teacher Assessment Frameworks for use in the academic year 2018/19.

Click here for the new Key Stage 1 Teacher Assessment Frameworks.

Click here for the new Key Stage 2 Teacher Assessment Frameworks.

In response to the changes, the following frameworks are now available in Pupil Asset:

Teacher Assessment frameworks only: 

· KS1/2 TAF Maths 2018/19 

· KS1/2 TAF Reading 2018/19

· KS1 TAF Writing 2018/19

· KS2 TAF Writing 2018/19

Full National Curriculum frameworks with Teacher Assessment framework statements included: 

· NC Maths 2018/19

· NC Reading 2018/19

· NC Writing 2018/19

· NC Science 2018/19

To choose which frameworks you wish to use in your school, simply navigate to Admin > School Options > Frameworks . Further details about customisation of frameworks can be found in 'How to set up/customise Frameworks'

 It is 

It is likely that new schools will choose to use one of the latest frameworks from the start; however, existing customers also have the option to move their current assessments from one of the older frameworks to the new ones. 

For full guidance on how to move assessment ticks from one framework to another, see ' How to move ticks from one framework to another' .

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