How to set-up registration

Pupil Asset's registration systems can be switched on for anyone using Pupil Asset MIS.

This gives you:

  • Choice between AM/PM sessions or fully timetabled lessons
  • DfE Census returns (UK only)
  • Access to the Faster Register and registration reporting tools

Registration can be enabled via Admin > School Options > MIS Options.

Choosing between AM/PM and full timetables

The simplest form of registration offered is AM/PM registers. This register will appear twice a day for each teaching class - once in the morning and once in the afternoon. This provides enough detail to produce 'herringbone' census information and suits small schools (including most Infant, Primary and Junior schools) whose pupils largely stay with the same teacher/classroom for the majority of the school day. 

Larger schools may prefer full timetabled registration (see 'How to set up timetables').

Setting up AM/PM registration

Turn on AM/PM registration via Admin > School Options > MIS Options.

Set up your classes (see 'How to set up classes and pupil groups'). Make sure you leave the 'Teaching Group' option checked. 

Teachers associated with those classes will automatically see their registers on their Pupil Asset Dashboard and Teacher App.

What next?

The Office menu has registration details, including the Faster Register and the Absentee/Late lists

You can also manage meals (including payments) that are selected as part of the registration process. See 'How to set-up school meals'.

Official Online Registration Attendance Codes

Most class registration, whether on paper or online, derives from the UK method of using a single character code against each child to show whether they are present or not.

Because school days are generally split into morning and afternoon sessions, the core codes used are / (a forward-slash, meaning present in the morning or AM) and \ (a backward-slash, meaning present in the afternoon or PM). Other commonly used codes are:

Present (AM)
Present (PM)
Pupil being educated off-site
Other authorised Circumstances
Family Holiday (unauthorised)
Family Holiday (authorised)
Unknown, assumed present
Slightly Late (before registers closed)
Dentists/Medical appointment
No reason yet for absence
Unauthorised absence
Approved sporting activity
Religious observance
Study leave
Traveller absence
On school visit/trip
Work experience
Non-compulsory absence
Not at institution (the NULL code)

Registration codes specific to Pupil Asset

In addition, within Pupil Asset the 'A' key marks 'All' and a '.' (full-stop) is used to move the child to another location/register.

Mark "All" (Smart Mark)
(period) Timetable override (Child has moved to another room / register)

Note: entering a "space" at any point in a Pupil Asset register will bring up a reference to this list of codes.

Why are Registration Codes sometimes referred to as "Herringbones"?

Marking a whole class present for both AM and PM on a paper register produces the visual affect of a herringbone, i.e. a long line of / \ entries:

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