School year groups/pupil age calculator

Use our handy tables below to discover the year groups and ages of your pupils. Alternatively, use our automatic calculator.

What year will a pupil start school? 

The following table shows what year your child is due to start nursery, primary school (EYFS) and secondary school, based on their date of birth: 

 DoB between Nursery start year Primary start year (EYFS) Secondary start year
 1-Sept-2017 to 31-Aug-2018 September 2021
September 2022September 2029
 1-Sept-2016 to 31-Aug-2017 September 2020September 2021September 2028
 1-Sept-2015 to 31-Aug-2016 September 2019September 2020September 2027
 1-Sept-2014 to 31-Aug-2015 September 2018September 2019 September 2026

What year is a pupil in? 

The following table shows which year of primary school a pupil is currently in, based on their date of birth:

DoB between Year Group
1-Sept-2013 to 31-Aug-2014 Nursery
1-Sept-2012 to 31-Aug-2013 Reception (EYFS)
1-Sept-2011 to 31-Aug-2012 Year 1
1-Sept-2010 to 31-Aug-2011 Year 2
1-Sept-2009 to 31-Aug-2010 Year 3
1-Sept-2008 to 31-Aug-2009 Year 4
1-Sept-2007 to 31-Aug-2008 Year 5
1-Sept-2006 to 31-Aug-2007 Year 6

The following table shows which year of secondary school a pupil is currently in, based on their date of birth:

DoB betweenYear group
1-Sept-2005 to 31-Aug-2006Year 7
1-Sept-2004 to 31-Aug-2005Year 8
1-Sept-2003 to 31-Aug-2004Year 9
1-Sept-2002 to 31-Aug-2003Year 10
1-Sept-2001 to 31-Aug-2002Year 11

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