How to use the Text Editor

All content pages work the same way. Navigate to the page you want to edit or add content to and click the edit button. This will open the Text Editor.

The text editor allows you to write in html, use predetermined formatting options (headers, paragraphing, quotes etc), insert links, images, youtube embeds, tables, bullet points or numbered lists. All of these options are found at the top of the text editor.

Creating tables

To create a table in your webpage click the tables button and select insert table.

You will be asked if you would like a header row, which adds emphasis to the first row of your table, and how many columns and rows you would like the table to be created with. Don't panic about counting the precise number of rows that your table needs, you can easily add and remove columns and rows as you go, by clicking on the tables button and selecting the relevant option.

Columns/Rows will be added or deleted depending on where your cursor is. For example, if you select the cell you want to add a row after and select the option, it will add the row after it. If you select delete row, it will delete that row.

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