How to manage exam entries

Pupil Asset integrates exam entries and amendments via the A2C Migration Application.  

Exam data (Basedata) is imported regularly by Pupil Asset and any subject can be associated with a qualification and a selection of its units/exams.

Once all the pupil exams and modules have been selected for a given exam sequence, an entry file (EDI format) can be exported from the system and then imported into the A2C Migration App where entries are sent to the individual exam boards.


Setting up the qualification

Navigate to Admin > School Options > Exams.  

Click the Add Exam button.

Select the relevant examination using the filters or by searching for the title or qualification code.

Press Add to select the examination. It will now be available for adding pupils and units.


Assigning pupils to a subject and qualification

Go to Admin > Exams > Exam Entries.

Choosing the relevant Centre Number (if your school has more than one), Awarding Body, Exam Year and Exam Series.

Click View/Edit Pupils on the relevant exam and the following pop up will appear:

Select the pupil(s) taking the examination and press ASSIGN.

To remove a pupil from the exam, select the pupil(s) and press REMOVE.


Adding/removing exams

Navigate to Admin > Exams > Exam Entries and select the relevant Centre Number, Awarding Body, Exam Year and Exam Series.

Select Add Unit(s) and a list of available units will appear.  Please note that of no units are linked to the parent exam then all the units for the Awarding Body are listed.

Select individual units/modules and click Add.  You will then be redirected to the main Exam Entries screen with the selected units now appearing under the parent exam.

You can now assign all the pupils to the unit by clicking Quick Assign Parent Exam Pupils or assign pupils individually by clicking View/Edit Pupils. To remove the unit, click Delete Unit.

Generating the exam entry file

To generate all entry files for an exam series navigate to Admin > Exams > Pupil Entries and filter the relevant year groups(s) from the main filter and the relevant Centre Number, Awarding Body, Exam Year and Exam Series. You can now generate the file by clicking Generate Entry File (ALL).

The file will appear in Admin > Exams > Exam Files. You can download the EDI file from here and copy into the relevant directory for the A2C Migration App to read from.

Generating exam amendment files

After making an changes to a pupils entries you can generate an amendment file by navigating to Admin > Exams> Pupil Entries and clicking the Generate Amendment File.
The file will appear in Admin > Exams > Exam Files. You can download the EDI file from here and copy into the relevant directory for the A2C Migration App to read from.

Setting up the exam timetable

Navigate to Admin > Exams > Exam Schedule and filter the relevant year groups(s) from the main filter and the relevant Awarding Body, Exam Year, Exam Series and AM/PM start dates.

Click the update and any new exams will be entered into the school, pupil and users calendar.

You will now see a chronologically ordered view of the exam events, with any calendar clashes and pupil medical conditions displayed. Where a pupil total is displayed, you can click on the number to display the pupil names and clicking on the pupil name will redirect you to the pupil TimeCal where you can see any clashes and remove them from the event.  You can also select a room for the exam by clicking Add Room.

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