Tracking the New National Curriculum

Unfamiliar with the changes to the National Curriculum in UK Primary and Secondary schools?
See our Teacher's Guide to the National Curriculum.

National Curriculum Changes

The PupilAsset Tracking and MIS systems support the New National Curriculum, introduced in September 2014 for Primary & Secondary Schools across England.

Existing users, see using PA for New National Curriculum Tracking.

Formative and Summative Assessment in one package

Both Formative and Summative Assessment are supported by PupilAsset.

Our Formative Assessment includes the DfE's National Curriculum achievements by default, which can be assessed in class using our iPhone/iPad/Android Teacher's app and evidenced with photos or videos.

Our Summative Assessment then allows judgements on a child's age band to be made without using levels. This can give a substantive, accountable measure of each child's progress, making it far easier to show parents and Ofsted that you understand and are helping all of the children in your care.

Tracking Levels for some, New NC for others

PupilAsset Tracker continues to support those pupils assessed in levels at the same time as the new aspects of the curriculum being taught.

(Teachers note: Years 2 and 6 are being taught the current English, Maths & Science during the 2014/2015 academic year as new tests in these subjects won't become available until 2016).

KeyStage 3/4 New Curriculum

English, Maths & Science will be phased into our secondary tracking product for use from September 2015, in line with the DfE timeline.

If you would like more information; or simply to be kept abreast of the latest government thinking, register your interest or arrange an in-school demo and Q&A with one our experienced pedagogical analysts.

Life Beyond Levels

With years of experience in providing online software systems for schools, no one is better placed to help you manage the transition from NC levels based assessments, working in tandem with the old curriculum as the change to life beyond levels is phased in.

We also track EYFS, learning frameworks such as Development Matters, EAL and Ros Wilson, at the same time as showing the impact of behaviour and attendance on pupil performance.

New National Curriculum Resources

Announced by the Department for Education in September 2013, you can access the new framework and other resources from here.

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