Parental Engagement

Effective parental engagement has been show in multiple studies to dramatically improve children's academic outcomes.

Schools are increasingly adopting multi-faceted approaches to engaging parents, with social media and online access to pupil data complementing traditional paper reports.

Methods of Engaging Parents With PupilAsset

Pupil Asset allows you to build a model for parental communication that works for your school situation. We believe in the power of pulling together all of the essential elements you need - then you've got more chance of communicating effectively with information that's current.

1. SMS Text Messaging / Pattr Messaging

Pupil Asset has text messaging built right in. With no additional annual fee, it is not only the lowest cost text messaging system in the educational market, but also the most integrated.

2. Free Parents App

Our parents app is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices and it is free to download for as many parents as you have. It allows you to keep tabs on pupil attendance, see recent school reports, latest achievements and much, much more.

3. Parent Email

Emails are free and unlimited for PA MIS schools featuring several powerful educational features:

  • Newsletters
  • Mail-merge
  • Individual letters
  • Report Writer (powerful, auto-filled email or printable reports)

For an instant idea of cost, use our simple widget tailored to your needs.