Parent Email

Emailing parents needn't require switching between systems - Pupil Asset has parent email and SMS text messaging built right in. What's more, it's incredibly simple to use.

Newsletters, Parent Reports, IEPs...

With PA MIS Email you can send:

  • Newsletters to classes, year-groups or the whole school
  • Parental Reports created via our Report Writer system
  • Individual Documents on a per-pupil basis, such as IEPs or letters home

Master Mail-Merge

Create a mail-out based on one of our templates (or your own school e-mail template); choose who to send to and hit "go" - PupilAsset handles the rest; automatically filling in pupil and parent details where needed.

We send out thousands of e-mails a day from schools all over UK - direct from their MIS system.

Communication that's Accountable

Because your e-mails are sent from your MIS, we can show you a full history of parental communication - right from a parent profile.

Now you can answer: have those parents been engaged? How much engagement have they had?

It's all there at your fingertips alongside text messages and intervention plans.

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