See: What is Formative Assessment?

Formative Assessment

Pupil Asset offers a full range of options for formative assessment with in-class monitoring of pupil achievements, evidencing of work via our iPad / Android apps and getting an overview of pupil achievements via PA Tracker or PA MIS.

We can even show you progress purely formatively or auto-level your pupil's ticks to an age-band, grade, level or other summative result.

Key Features

  • In-class collection of achievements (via PC, Mac, iPhone / iPad, Android)
  • Photographic and note-based evidencing
  • Multiple, configurable statuses against achievements
  • Weighted percentages (allowing for more importance to be placed on achieved / mastered statuses)
  • Auto-leveling to summative results
  • Greater Depth support
  • Pure formative progress, based on in-year coverage
  • Many in-built frameworks, including core National Curriculum
  • Bespoke frameworks for your own school or MAT
  • Key Performance Indicators, or clumps of your own achievements (based on topic, teacher, etc)
  • Pie-charts and "donut" graphs to visualise formative assessmentKey Features

How Does It Work?

All of your teachers can log in to Pupil Asset via our free iPhone / iPad / Android app, or using any PC / Mac with a modern web-browser. From there they can search by individual or class and tick off individual achievements, uploading evidence (or from a handheld device using the camera). We support many subjects / frameworks, and achievements can be seen in each pupil's Wall Of Learning or as a group in our DNA Ticks page. We can even summarise progress and auto-level to a summative result.


Pupil Asset comes pre-loaded with many popular frameworks of achievements, including:

  • National Curriculum KS1, 2 & 3 subjects
  • NC Maths, Reading, Writing, Science, History
  • NC Art & Design, NC Computing
  • Early Years and Development Matters
  • Phonics
You can also add your own bespoke Frameworks, or if you participate in an externally provided curriculum many of these can also be enabled out of the box. See our list of supported frameworks.

Custom Statuses

Each achievement is ticked off using a status - the most basic being simply "achieved". However, most PA schools use either Beginning, Developing, Embedded or Working toward, Achieved, Mastered - or a variation of those.

You can however employ your own statuses, with custom weightings for each.

Weighted Percentages

Statuses can be given different "weights" - for example: 

  1. Beginning
  2. Developing
  3. Embedded

These weightings affect the overall total available at each stage in a framework, in this case with a maximum weight of "3" the total possible for 21 achievements would be 21 x 3 = 63.

These weights follow through to the percentage coverage breakdown for each child (see above).

Showing Progress Using Formative Measures

By looking at the % coverage (or indeed weighted % coverage) at different points in time, a simple yet powerful understanding of the progress made by individual pupils can be gained.

Child Speak

Many frameworks include alternative wording that makes them easier for pupils to follow and parents to quickly understand. You can also add "child speak" to your own frameworks.

For an instant idea of cost, use our simple widget tailored to your needs.