Choose your template and we will adapt it to suit your school branding, such as logo, colour scheme and associate logos.

Highlights of your school


Highlights has everything you need in one beautiful, informative interface. It’s one of our most popular choices for schools who are seeking a different look to stand out from the crowd, whilst showcasing your statutory information. This unique style does not detract from your content however, it’s the perfect compliment, making it easier to navigate in digestible bitesize blocks. Featuring the latest posts from your school notice board, shortcuts to the most visited pages of your website and contact details including a map which offers directions on how to get to your school.

Communicate with parents

Notice Board

With less emphasis on images, Noticeboard’s primary focus is content driven communication. The homepage presents your audience with a friendly welcome message from the principal and staff. Whilst the most useful information is distinguished in it’s clean and organised layout, allowing visitors to find information in no time at all. Embed the most recent posts from social media, promote your latest news, provide shortcuts to your most popular pages, and clearly present the contact details of your school, including a small map.

Communicate with parents

Visually engaging


Keep it simple with Tiles, our visual, minimalistic template. Featuring all the vital information on your homepage, but staying image led, means you can refresh your homepage in just a few clicks. This template pulls in the most popular pages of your website giving your users a quick and efficient user experience to find the information they are looking for. Hover over the images of the pages to reveal their titles and descriptions in a beautifully smooth transition. These subtle, yet pleasing animations will set your website apart from the rest and encourage users to revisit again and again.

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