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The next level of school management in a powerful, flexible, secure MIS.

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About our Secondary MIS Software

Our cloud based MIS software supports your whole school community. We provide you with tools to run and make sense of your school, enabling effective leadership and informed decision making - offering you the best chance of success. From student records to staff management, online registration to timetabling, event management to subject access requests, school census data to secure payments, Pupil Asset MIS software allows you to positively impact educational outcomes, providing you with assessment tracking, behaviour management, and communication tools.

Switching to Pupil Asset is simple

We know that the hardest part of the process is choosing to leave your current MIS provider, so once you’ve made that decision, our staff will work hard to make it easy for you. You can be certain that you made the right decision, moving to a company that cares about your school.

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When we say simple, we mean efficient

Pupil Asset is developed with our community of educators to ensure that it doesn’t slow you down. Effortless navigation, intuitive features, easy to interrogate data. Whatever their role, our software gives your staff one less thing to worry about, and offers you the freedom to dedicate your resources where they are needed most.

A photo of people in an IT lesson with our Live School feature showing where they are on our 3D school map in real-time.

When we say time saving, we mean you can do more

We group together tasks so that your next step is exactly where you’d expect it. Check previous attendance, log behaviour, view relevant results as you take the register, send letters home from an attendance report, access key pupil or staff information from the search bar; it’s all just one click away. Define what you need to see, inform yourself and be decisive. Your time is important - Pupil Asset MIS software allows you to use it where it’s needed most.

Search for a student using the search engine in Pupil Asset and it will show you the live location of that student in the list of search results.

When we say cost effective, we mean plan for your future

Value for money isn’t always about lowest price, it’s found in the delicate balance of quality and cost. Pupil Asset offers one MIS package, there’s no hidden fees to shock you when the invoice arrives, our software simply contains all the tools to help you improve your school environment. Secure payments, parent communications, support teams, assessment and behaviour tracking are all included. Instead of paying for endless numbers of school systems, you can consolidate your costs and plan for your future.

Diagram representing different features of Pupil Asset such as Tracking, online payments, teacher and parent communications and teacher and parent apps.
Parent app showing parent making payment for school meals.

Pupil Asset Payments

You can balance your books in real time with Pupil Assets comprehensive, secure and easy to use online payment system. It’s a core part of the Pupil Asset MIS which means no additional fees and no more integrating third parties and wondering where your data is going. Just simple accounting for your school.

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Elements in Pupil Asset which are supplied to parents such as messaging, attendance and behaviour charts.

Effective Parental Engagement

Positive parental involvement and the impact that it has on pupil achievement, progress, attendance and wellbeing cannot be underestimated. Research shows that regular and effective communication with parents and carers builds confidence in their children’s education and schooling and an engaged school community is the key to your success. Pupil Asset offers a range of communications tools, fully included in our MIS software, that ensure communication is timely and effective, as well as cost-saving.

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Photo of trainer, Steph Reddington, answering a phonecall about how to create a report for persistent absence.

Efficient reporting

The key to effective leadership, in school and in the classroom, is informed decision making. Supporting learning and management across school, Pupil Asset Reports are predefined or easily configured to your requirements.

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A gif showing how easy it is to navigate between pages in Pupil Asset.

Effortless navigation

Pupil Asset MIS software is designed with the help of our community of educators to be intuitive and effortless. You can stop figuring out how to make your MIS work and start making the most of your school, your pupils and your staff.

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A photo of our support team on the phone to schools.

Dedicated Support Team

At Pupil Asset, we pride ourselves on the level of support that we offer our schools and we often go ‘above and beyond’ to make sure our users get the best experience possible.

Our friendly and experienced Support Team, many of whom come from educational backgrounds, are on hand to assist you from Monday-Friday, between 8:30am to 5:00pm at no extra cost to schools.

“We love being able to create and track against our own bespoke frameworks, relevant to our unique curriculum and cultural setting.”

Kate Agget, St Andrew's School, Kenya

“I can easily track pupil’s data and map progression as well as their attainment. I particularly love the feature where I can order the class list according to their data.”

Lewis Angier, Fulbridge Academy

“Instant data retrieval at our finger tips.”

Seb Olway, The Chandler CofE Junior School

“Pupil Asset are very adaptable and allow you to set a bespoke system.”

Stuart Renshaw, CEO, Celtic Cross Education

“Pupil Asset helped us to evolve our system to make it do what we needed it to.”

Samantha Selby, Education Director, Bellevue Education

“Pupil Asset responds quickly to the needs of the school, setting them apart from other MIS.”

Tim Delves, John Perryn Primary

“Moving to Pupil Asset Tracker is the best thing I have ever done.”

David How, Headteacher, Beaver Road School

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