MIS Sync

Keep your external MIS synchronised with PA Tracker so that you always know you're looking at the right number of pupils on roll with the most up-to-date information.

PA MIS vs PA Tracker

Pupil Asset can be also be used as a full replacement for SIMS, Progresso or other traditional MIS. PA MIS schools also have access to online registration, Census support and SMS Text Messaging.

Many schools reduce their overall IT costs by moving to PA MIS, but if you are fond of your existing MIS, or tied in to a multi-year contract the MIS Sync may be the best way to keep pupil data up-to-date.

How Does PA Tracker MIS Sync Work?

  1. Request MIS Sync from PupilAsset
  2. Install the GroupCall Exporter program on a school computer with access to your existing MIS system
  3. Once we've matched LEA and Establishment Numbers on PupilAsset, it's ready to go
  4. Overnight, every night, your pupil data is synced, including:
    • Any new or removed pupils
    • New or change Parental contact information
    • Change pupil details, like SEN/FSM flags

Note: the feed is a one way - due to limitations with the sync process we cannot pass information back into SIMS or Integris via the feed - use a CTF file instead.

For an instant idea of cost, use our simple widget tailored to your needs.