Pupil Asset User Access Levels

In response to feedback from schools, in order to help them be more compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), we have recently updated our User Access Levels (UALs).

Schools will now have full control over who can access various elements of the system, therefore it is important that all schools regularly review staff access and update/amend it accordingly.

User Access Levels

As with any major changes, there will be a transition period and schools are advised to complete the following actions as soon as possible:

1) New Access Admin role - In order to give schools complete control, the UAL of Access Admin has been created. However, as this is a new role, and we are not in a position to determine which staff should be granted this level, all previous Admin Plus users have been temporarily upgraded to this role.

Schools will need to determine which key member(s) of staff should have the Access Admin role and downgrade others back to Admin Plus accordingly.

2) READ-ONLY no longer exists as a separate UAL - Previously, this UAL afforded users read-only Teacher Level access. Individuals can now be given the correct UAL and the option of Read-Only can be allocated by the Access Admin.

Schools will need to re-assign their previous Read-Only users accordingly.

Default Tabs 

When a user is first set up, they will be allocated one of the following roles. The table below outlines the tabs that will be available for each user: 

Access Admin

Users granted Access Admin will have an additional section with the Admin Tab that allows them to set further restrictions or grant permissions for individual users. 

By default, each User Access Level has the following permissions and restrictions applied. These can be updated by an Access Admin user for individual users. 

NB: Due the the unrestricted nature of this UAL, Pupil Asset recommends that Access Admin should be limited to as few members of staff as possible. 

Q) What is sensitive info?

A) Users who have this permission box ticked will be able to see the following areas of the system: 

- Notes on pupil's profiles

- Vulnerability Markers section within Pupil > Edit

- Staff Absence details

- Staff Wellbeing tab

Further Restrictions

In addition to the above, there are further security measures that can be applied to any user. 

Login Allowed Disables user's login For example, for a user under disciplinary, or a member of staff you wish to administer but who does not need access to the system.

Can be found under Login Credentials within a staff profile. 
Anonymise Pupils Pupil's names are anonymised Any user can temporarily choose to anonymise pupils, for example, when showing data to governors. 

Can be switched on via My Settings > Security & Privacy. 
Status Allows users to be ARCHIVED
In order to keep users on the system to look back on, but keep them as both inactive and not appearing in staff choice lists, their status can be set to ARCHIVED.

Can be found under Login Credentials within a staff profile.

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