How to manage school options

School Information

View your schools main information e.g. School Name, school type, DfE info etc. Also, view and edit Security and System Options.

Admin Plus users can navigate to Admin > School Options > School Information.  

NB: Any changes made will appear apply for all users and across the whole school.

Security Policies  

- Choosing to enforce numerics means that users will have to choose a password with at least one number in when creating and/or resetting passwords. 

- Choose whether to use Two Step Verification for user login. This will send a unique code to users via SMS to use during the login process. 

- Choosing to restrict TEACHER users means that they can only edit their class' summative data (NB: Teachers will need to be assigned to classes via Pupils > Groups).

- Choosing to freeze archive data means that TEACHER users will only be able to edit the current term's summative results.   

System Options 

- Choose either English or French as the default Pupil Asset language. 

- Replace the Pupil Asset logo with your own school's logo. Simply choose a file from your drive to upload. 

Tracking options

Pupil Asset provides several options to help schools customise their tracking. Admin Plus users can navigate to Admin > School Options > Tracking Options.  

NB: Any changes made will apply to all users and across the whole school.


- Choose whether to have Mid Terms i.e. Autumn Mid, Spring Mid, Summer Mid on to allow half termly summative assessment. 

- Choose whether to use +/- levels (if built in to your Result Type).

- Choose how many decimal points you would like numbers rounded to in Pupil Asset reports. 

Progress & Targets 

- Choose whether to show VA figures based around 100 instead of 0.

- Choose how many targets you wish to track and what these are called within the system. 

Special Education Needs

- Indicate whether your school is a SEN school.

- If so, choose whether you would prefer to suppress red or all colours in the results sections. 

- Choose what P Levels you would like include in the summative results dropper (can be used in mainstream settings too to limit options). 

- Choose whether to use +/- levels (if built in to your Result Type).

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