How to create attendance reports

Pupil Asset allows user to create a wide range of attendance reports. This guide shows the most commonly requested reports. 

Herringbone Reports

Attendance for one child

To view an individual pupil's herringbone data, minutes late and attendance notes, simply click on the pupil's name and select Attendance from the tabs listed on the left of the screen. 

Choose a range for the attendance. 

Now choose to either Print Mark History or Print Just Herringbones. 

To print further information, open the desired tabs e.g. Attendance summary/Minutes Late and use the Print icon on the red bar at the top of the screen. 

Attendance for multiple children

Although Pupil Asset is designed primarily to show information from within the system, we are aware that parents wish to be kept informed of their children's attendance too. They can view attendance information on the free Pupil Asset Parent App for iPhone and Android, but you can also print attendance certificates for groups of children. 

Click on Office > Office Reports & Print-Outs and then choose Pupil Asset Standard Reports from the folders. Select Registration Certificates.

To select which pupils you wish to print certificates for and the range you wish to print, click the Go to Multi-print button.

Use the Filter to choose the pupils for whom you wish to print certificates.

Use the Display Options to choose the range you wish to print.

Using the Master Register to build reports

Children below/above a percentage

By switching Individual Marks OFF and Breakdown ON, your register will display percentages of sessions attended, authorised absence and unauthorised absence for the period selected.

Use the Refine Attendance facility in Display Options to set a percentage as a threshold.

Group By: All if you wish to see your pupils all together (or by Year to group them in Year Groups).

Hit the Reset Display Options to reset the Display Options to default settings.

Children with more/less than a number of codes

By switching Code Totals to ON, you will display a grid of the total number of codes per child during the period selected.

By ticking and un-ticking codes from the Codes box, you can choose which codes you would like to view.​

Creating a Missing Marks report

Use the Codes list to select the following marks N and -

This will remove from the list any pupil without an N or - code. 

Please bear in mind that it will show the whole period selected in the Attendance Period, so we would advise you to keep your ranges fairly small.

    For more information on using the Master Register, see 'How to use the master register'

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