One cloud-based MIS for your schools

  • School comparison and combined figures for your whole MAT
  • Shared data for primary, secondary and through schools
  • Cost savings
  • MoaP (MAT on a Page) single page executive summary
  • Real-time access to all schools from a single login
  • MAT level curriculum frameworks
  • Users with multiple roles in different schools
  • Central administration

For a quick idea of cost, see our school calculator or get in touch to discuss MAT discounts.



MAT on a Page

– Completely customisable, multi-page report automatically collating information from schools across your group.

– Invaluable for executives, governors and other leadership - the template can be tailored to show the measures which interest or concern you the most, from attendance and behaviour to attainment and progress.

– Combined and comparison cohort breakdown figures (total numbers of SEN children, etc) at your fingertips.



One login gives you access to all of your schools

– Central administration and management staff have one login from which they can access all schools.

– User roles allow different access within individual schools, including anonymised data and salary restrictions.

– Curriculum frameworks can be centrally administered and shared between all schools, or sub-groups of schools.

– Floating teachers can switch between schools, with specific roles in each.


Flexible cross-cluster analysis

– School-on-school comparisons.

– Combined cohort figures (total SEN, EAL, etc).

– Immediate links to drill down into full Pupil Asset tracking within individual schools.

– Powerful combinatorial assessment reporting allowing comparison between schools even when the underlying result types do not match - e.g. one school is using grades, another PITA, another NC levels.



Websites, maps and more

– Optional centrally administered websites for your individual schools and overall MAT.

– Cost-effective templated sites or completely bespoke builds with your unified MAT look.

– Advanced features specifically for schools, including automatically updated staff lists and online calendars.

– Geographical locations plotted on a shared map.

– Access from anywhere.

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Getting started

We are part of several procurement frameworks which may already suit your needs, or we are happy to answer questions on your own specific requirements.

For more information get in touch or see our pricing guide to get an estimate for your individual schools. Please note MAT discounts are available in some areas.

For a quick idea of cost, see our school calculator or get in touch to discuss MAT discounts.