How to create NSIX Emails (Norfolk schools only)

Creating an export file to send to ICT Shared Services

Norfolk County Council do not link into Pupil Asset in the same way that they linked into SIMS.

Therefore, to get your new staff and pupils an NSIX email address, you will need to send NCC a couple of files.

The files can be generated from Admin > Export > in the TAB Format page. (click Here )

For the Pupil File, go to the NSIX Email Report - Pupils tab. Make sure you have Whole School  selected in the Filter Block. 

Click Download as TAB delimited.

For the Staff File, go to the NSIX Email Report - Staff tab. 

Click Download as TAB delimited.

Send the files to Norfolk County Council using Anycomms

Important - Delete the files from your Download folder once you have sent them.

If you do not, the next time the files are created they will be named with '(1)'. 

Norfolk are very particular about the file names and wont accept anything other than (where #### = your school's DFE number). 

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