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Our pupil tracking software helps you to make sense of your school's performance, with easy to use reporting and analysis for attendance, behaviour and attainment.
Included free with Pupil Asset MIS.

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About Pupil Asset Tracker Software

A key part of our school MIS software or a standalone product that syncs with your existing MIS. Our school Pupil Tracker software allows you to make informed decisions with easy to use reporting and analysis for attendance, behaviour, attainment and progress.

Pupil Tracking that suits you

We know that schools and trusts can differ in their approaches to assessment. Context, accountability, ethos and pedagogy all play a part in designing an assessment model that suits your school. Pupil Asset has been built with that understanding and is flexible enough to support your needs. You shouldn’t have to compromise because your software isn’t fit for purpose.

Progress Matrix showing TA and FFT estimates.

User friendly and intuitive, without sacrificing detail

Find the information you need quickly, easily and intuitively. We develop our software with our community of educators, to ensure that everything you need is accessible, when you need it most.

Results across subjects.

Seamless integration with your existing MIS

Our Pupil Tracking software can be used alongside your existing MIS, if you're not yet ready to make the switch. When you are, upgrading to Pupil Asset MIS, which includes the Tracker as standard, couldn't be simpler.

Third party integration represented by a diagram with lots of logos that integrate with Pupil Asset.

“I find the Pupil Asset MIS amazing! You can look at where the children are today, compared to the same point last year, and adjust things very quickly. You've got immediate access to information. In this job, you need that. It has made a huge difference.”

Angela Jermy, Headteacher, Hethersett Woodside Infant and Nursery School

“Moving to Pupil Asset Tracker is the best thing I have ever done.”

David How, Headteacher, Beaver Road School

“Can I just say how impressed I am with the system? I cannot believe how easy it is to use. Census was so straightforward.”

Alison Howes, Cantley Primary School

“I love Pupil Asset. It's like going from a dinosaur to a Ferrari.”

Mel Day, Sprowston Infant School

“Instant data retrieval at our fingertips.”

Seb Olway, The Chandler CofE Junior School

“With everything at their fingertips, staff can take great confidence from the fact they can immediately identify and evidence pupils’ strengths and weaknesses, know their individual progress through the curriculum and share this with parents and colleagues easily and transparently.”

Kate Agget, St Andrew's School, Kenya

A screenshot of a table in Pupil Asset showing the start results in Autumn of Year 5.

Customisable school assessment software solutions

Pupil Asset’s market leading school assessment software is fully customisable, allowing you to choose from a range of models, including Point-in-Time Assessment (PITA), linear/stepped progression models, grades, Development Matters bands, standardised scores, formative assessment and much more. What’s more, different models can be chosen for different subjects (e.g. core vs non-core) and different year groups (e.g. Dev Matters for EYFS and PITA for KS1/2). We trust that you know what is best and so our software can adapt to your needs - whichever way you want to track your pupils, we can help.

A screenshot of Pupil Asset showing the Cohort Report across Reading, Writing and Maths.

In depth data analysis

Having worked with schools and trusts for a number of years, we are certain that we have created a range of reports to meet all your needs - whichever assessment model your school uses. You can even create your own, using our powerful Cohort Report.

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A screenshot showing the objectives and achievements of Year 6 for Number and Place Value.

Tools for teaching and learning

Pupil Asset Tracker is more than just a market leading pupil tracking tool. Supporting teaching, learning and school improvement with built in tools to support planning, gap analysis, target setting, reporting and much more.

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A screenshot showing in-depth cohort analysis.

Complete cohort analysis

Pupil Asset’s cohort report allows you to identify, monitor and support the cohorts that matter to you. Fully configurable; define what you need to see and access that information quickly. There’s no need to re-run, rebuild, or switch windows. Seamlessly switch between reports, interrogate data or simply save your reports for when you need them most.

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A photo of Henry in our support team taking a call about progress reports for Governors.

Dedicated Support Team

At Pupil Asset, we pride ourselves on the level of support that we offer our schools and we often go ‘above and beyond’ to make sure our users get the best experience possible.

Our friendly and experienced Support Team, many of whom come from educational backgrounds, are on hand to help from Monday-Friday, between 8:30am to 5:00pm at no extra cost to schools.

Pupil Asset Tracker is free with our MIS Software!

We know that the hardest part of the process is choosing to leave your current MIS provider, so once you’ve made that decision, our staff will work hard to make it easy for you. You can be certain that you made the right decision, moving to a company that cares about your school.

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