Your Pupil Asset Tracker

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Assessment solutions for every key stage.

Make sense of your school's performance with easy to use reporting and analysis for attendance, behaviour and attainment. Tracker always offers up-to-date National Curriculum Frameworks and helps you prepare your school for inspections.

What can we track?

Pupil Asset supports a variety of popular assessment approaches in each key stage, or the ability to roll your own, including:

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Formative Assessment

Pupils can be assessed in class using our browser-based system or our Teacher app to tick achievements, including documenting written or photographic evidence of work.

  • Weighted percentages
  • Built-in National Curriculum frameworks
  • Bespoke frameworks
  • Multiple, configurable statuses
  • Formative analysis to identify progress through frameworks and years
  • KPIs and tailorable achievement grouping
  • Auto-levelling, mapping weighted ticks to summative levels

Tracker allows for an exclusively formative assessment approach, or a mixture of formative and summative for overviews of attainment alongside information about what each pupil has accomplished.

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Summative Assessment

Pupil Asset allows summative judgements against each child at the end of every term or half-term.

  • Any number of school-defined subjects
  • A wide variety of result types including Age Bands, Levels, PITA, Percentages, Mark-Sets, Grades, Numeric Grades
  • Progress between Key Stages (including UK government measures between KS1 and KS2, KS2 and KS4)
  • Real-time, in-year progress and attainment
  • Configurable progression mapping individual performance to the school’s expectations

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Cohort Analysis

Analyse your assessment data in a variety of ways using our powerful reporting tools:

  • High level dashboard, showing overall school performance in key areas of assessment, progress, behaviour and attendance
  • Cohort breakdown, comparing groups of students such as gender and SEN
  • User-defined groups and classes, allowing cohort analysis by subject set, intervention groups, clubs and forms
  • Venn Diagrams to cross-analyse cohort groups simultaneously
  • Progress matrices to plot between discrete points in time
  • Behaviour analysis
  • Attendance breakdowns

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Target Setting

Personal expectations can be set and analysed using our target tracking system:

  • Built-in Targeting Computer allows multiple options for setting targets:
    • Aim for pre-set target
    • Add a number of levels or points
    • Follow the school’s colour progression
    • Use of specialist algorithms (e.g. KASS Special Needs)
  • Enter or import up to 3 different targets per child
  • Progress against school expectations or individual targets

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Attainment 8/Progress 8

Secondary schools have access to Attainment 8/Progress 8 predictions in school based on their Key Stage 2 results and predicted GCSE Grades/Numeric results:

  • Support for esoteric DfE measures, including year-by-year variations
  • In-year predictions as well as historic (post-results) analysis
  • Individual measures of Attainment 8/Progress 8 alongside overall school predictions

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