How to set up school trips or events 

The following steps will take you through the process for setting up a school trip or event. 

Navigate to Admin > School Options > Timetable Setup .

Click on the  '+' icon to create a new event.

Set up the date and time for the event. 

Add a description for the event in the Details field.

Add a location , using the Other field.

Invite pupils by clicking Invite Guests button and selecting the relevant class or group from the Choose a class/group dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can select individuals from the Quick add search field (for more information on setting up groups, see ' How to set up classes and pupil groups ').   

Add a payment amount if required by clicking the radio button next to Requires payment and entering the amount in adjacent field. 

NB: If this is the first time the school has set up a chargeable event then please ensure payments are enabled (see ' How to manage payments '). 

Confirm if payment is in advance or triggered on the event registration by selecting the relevant option.

If necessary, adjust the individual payments per pupil from the fields next to each pupil.

If necessary, enable consent and notify parents (by text, email or letter).

Click the Notify button to send a notification to parents or Text button to contact the group.

How to manage your school trip or event.

Once your trip or event is set up, navigate to Pupils > Events , you will be asked to choose your event from the drop down.

Select an event to see an overview. You'll see event details, pupil list with medical concerns and consent, and if you are charging for the event, a financial breakdown.

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