How to manage events/trips 

The following steps will take you through the process for setting up a school trip or event. 

Navigate to Admin > School Options > Timetable Setup.

Click on the  '+' icon to create a new event.

If required, add a running cost for your event which indicates how much the event is going to cost overall (optional). 

Set up the date and time for the event. 

If this is a regular event, click the Repeats box to add the details. 

Add a description for the event in the Details field.

Add a location, using the Other field if the location is not on the drop-down list.

Add pupils by clicking the Add Guests button and selecting the relevant class or group from the Choose a class/group dropdown menu. Alternatively, you can select individuals (including staff members) from the Quick add search field (for more information on setting up groups, see 'How to set up classes and pupil groups').

If required, add a payment amount by clicking the box next to Requires payment and enter the amount.

NB: If this is the first time the school has set up a chargeable event then please ensure payments are enabled (see 'How to manage payments'). 

If you want parents to have the option of paying for your event in instalments, tick ‘Allow Instalments’. 

NB: Instalments are created manually for each event as items in your school shop (see 'How to manage your school shop').

Confirm if payment is in advance or triggered on the event registration by selecting the relevant option.

If necessary, adjust the individual payments per pupil from the fields next to each pupil.

If necessary, enable consent and notify parents (by text, email or letter).

Click the Notify button to send a notification to parents or Text button to contact the group.

How to manage your school trip or event.

Once your trip or event is set up, navigate to Pupils > Events and choose your event from the drop down menu.

Select an event to see an overview with event details, pupil list with medical concerns and consent, and, if you are charging for the event, a financial breakdown.

Amending events 

Click on the calendar icon (top right of the screen in the red menu bar) and select the appropriate event. 

Click on Edit Event to open the event pane.

Here you can amend the Event, Date, Time, Details and Location.

Payment Contributions
Amend any pupil/s payment - only if the contribution has not been paid.
If the contribution has already been paid, the pupil will have to be removed from the event and re-added with the new contribution figure.
Any amendments will be reflected in Transactions within the Payments tab of their pupil profile.

Scrolling down to the Who? section will allow you to amend pupils.

- Add pupil/s by searching in the quick add box and clicking the + icon.

- Remove pupils by clicking the X icon under Remove Guest.

Any pupil removed from an event will have that event removed from the Transactions within the Payments tab in their pupil profile.

Creating a multi-length event

Follow the steps above to begin adding and event. Below the repeats checkbox, you will see a checkbox for Create multi-length event.

NB: When you choose to create a multi-length event, instalments is disabled, and requires payment and pay on registration are automatically chosen for you. It is not necessary, however, to add an amount in the requires payment box, or in the individual contributions boxes. The amount of contribution will be updated when a pupil is registered and a session length/cost has been chosen (see below).

Type in the number of minutes a session will last and the cost of that session. Click '+' after you’ve added the details of each session.

Click on the ‘X’ to remove any unwanted sessions.

Next, click Add Guests.

NB: It doesn’t matter if you want to add guests at this point or not, you need to click Add Guests for the system to proceed (if you do not wish to add any guests, just click Save). 

Registering pupils for a multi-event

Multi-events will show a register like this:

For each pupil, you can choose from a drop down list of ‘sessions’. Once you have the saved the register, the transactions for each pupil are created with the appropriate amounts.

Details of the sessions can also be found in Pupils > Events when you click the Show button to get the attendance record.

As the register is taken for the event, the system will keep track of the number of sessions attended and the contributions required, paid and outstanding.

Clicking on the Show button at the end of each pupil row will bring up the attendance record, along with the length and cost of the individual sessions attended.

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