How to manage payments.

Pupil Asset offers a simple system for requesting and accepting payments from parents. This has proven to be particularly useful for the following:

How do payments work?

Parents make payments using a debit or credit card via the (free) Pupil Asset app or Parent Portal, they pay for the products or services they have used or they want.

Your school budget is separated into balances for meals, events, clubs and misc (for everything else). Within each balance, each transaction will be listed as cash, cheque, online, stripe, or voucher. This provides the flexibility you need with your schools money. You can allow top ups for school meals, and then keep that money separate from the rest of your budget, making it easier to manage your books in real time.

We use Stripe for transaction processing (up-to-date fees are outlined below). We provide comprehensive and customisable financial analysis to save staff time and worry.

Online and Credit Card payments.

Pupil Asset's credit card processing is currently handled by Stripe and a charge is applicable to each transaction which may need to be taken account of when setting prices for dinners, trips, etc.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a payment gateway much like Paypal, but with a friendlier interface and most importantly, lower fees. None of the bank details entered are ever saved by Pupil Asset or the school, keeping everything very secure for parents. Although each school will need a Stripe account to receive payments, parents are not required to set up a Stripe account to make payments. More details on Stripe can be found on their website ( ). 

We are using a product called  Stripe Connect  which means we can take payment on behalf of another Stripe account set up for the school. Once you have set up a Stripe account and linked it to Pupil Asset, parents will pay you for lunches etc. and Stripe will put the funds into the bank account you have provided them with.

 Amount Received  Stripe Fee  Paypal Fee
 £10  £0.34  £0.54
 £20  £0.48  £0.88
 £30  £0.90  £1.90

Getting Started.

Linking a Stripe account.

To enable Stripe payments at your school, you will need to set up and link a Stripe account. More information on how to do this can be found in 'How to set up a Stripe account'.


Setting up payments via the Parents App.

Parents will make payments using our Parents App for Android or IOS, they can also access via web browser using our Parent Portal. Within the PA Parents app or Portal, each pupil has a Payments screen from which payments can be made, and a Payment History screen that shows what they have already paid for.

The Payments screen shows all of the items that need to be paid for. Parents simply select which items they want to pay for and use their credit/debit card to pay for them. Parents with more than one child can access them all with a single log in.

To set up the Parents App for your school, follow our step by step guide:  'How to Manage The Parents App - For Schools'.

Communicating with your parents.

Once you've set up the Parents App, you'll need to notify your Parents.

Navigate to Admin > School Options > Templates. Here you'll find an email template entitled Pupil Asset - Communicating with your parents that you can edit to suit your needs.

We also have an app guide available as a PDF, which you can print off or email as an attachment.

It is also available along with more information for parents here: 'Parents App overview - a guide for parents '.

Events and trips.

Parents can give consent, and pay for events, using the Parent App or Portal. 

Events and trips can be setup directly from TimeCal (click on the calendar icon to the right of the top navigation bar) or the school timetable (Admin > School Options > Timetable Setup).

For more detailed information on setting up school trips please see 'How to manage events'.

Breakfast and after school clubs.

To charge for breakfast and after school clubs, you must first enable TimeCal to set-up wrap-around care. See 'How to set up wrap-around care '.

Children marked as unwell or not present will not be charged, but all other attendees can be paid for using the Parents App or Portal, or via Pupil Asset search and manually adding payment.

School Shop.

Please see 'How to manage your school shop'.

Opening balances.

If you are moving your school meals on to Pupil Asset then you will more than likely have some balances already on the children's accounts. In this case, it's easy to get them into the system. Either do it one at a time, entering a minus amount as a 'payment' for each pupil OR go to Admin > Import and import them. To do this, you need a CSV file with the Pupils' first name, surname (or UPN), a date for the opening balance, and an amount.

Outstanding charges.

Please see 'How to find outstanding charges'.


Please see 'How to Cancel or Refund Events, Meals and Trips'.

Reconciling cash.

To do a cash/cheque/online payment reconciliation for a period of time navigate to Office > Finance > Payments In. Open the Display Options and simply select the date period you want to reconcile (for example, one week) and the payment type you wish to view - the financial summary will automatically sum up the receipts between that period of time. You can then balance that against the money you have and print the summary or save as PDF.

There is also a simple cash reconciliation screen in Office > Finance > School Balances which provides an overview of Stripe and Cash / Cheque / Online payments for both pupils and staff members. Again the time period and transactions included in this overview can be controlled in the Display Options.

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