Navigate to Office > Finance and you'll see there are now sections titled School Shop and Shop orders.

How to add products to your school shop.

You'll notice that Meal Top-Up's are already created for you.

To add other products, navigate to Office > Finance > School Shop and click on the New Stock button.

Products can be given a Title, Status, Price, Shipping cost (if applicable), Stock type and a Product description.

The Status drop down allows you to set whether the product is in or out of stock, whether it's not available at all or if it's coming soon.

Stock type determines which balance the product is credited/debited from. There are three types of stock: Meals, Events and Misc. If you want to further separate these in your budget, you can link them to a stripe sub account, which will allow you to use a different bank account for each. 

Navigate to Office > Finance > Shop Orders.

Here you can manage and search through all your shop orders.

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