How to manage alerts


You can use Pupil Asset to inform you when changes occur in your school. Simply, use our powerful filter to set the parameters of a live group, and then be alerted on login, by Pattr, or via SMS when pupils enter or leave that group. This how to guide will explain how.

Setting up Alerts

A Live Group is a group made up of pupils who meet parameters you set. Pupils will automatically join the live group when they meet your parameters and leave when they don't. There are two ways to create a live group.

  1.  Navigate to Pupils > Groups and click the + button in the Live Groups column to open the dialogue box below. You can name and create live groups using set parameters, and tick the boxes to be alerted to changes. 
  2. You can also set your own parameters for a live group using our filter. Navigate to Pupils > Pupil List. Click Filters to open the filter and determine the parameters of your live group. Click Save As Group and select Live Group to open the dialogue box pictured above. Here you can assign the group a name and tick the boxes to be alerted to changes. 

Turning off Alerts

Navigate to Pupils > Groups, click on the Live Group you no longer want to be notified of, untick the Alert me on changes boxes. Remember to click Save!

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