How to use the Pupil Asset Dashboard

The Pupil Asset dashboard is the first screen you see when you login and can be customised to show the information most useful to you.

Basic dashboard

By default, an MIS user"s dashboard will show a Choose Your Meal widget to record their staff meal (if they take one) and a Timetable widget which will show their registers to take that day (coloured green if taken and orange if incomplete).

Dashboard settings

In the top-right of your screen is a Dashboard Settings button which allows users to customise their dashboard widgets. 

The best way to decide which widgets to include on your dashboard is simply to try switching them on and see which you find most helpful.

As a general overview, however, dashboard widgets fall into three groups:


Attainment - bar chart of average latest result for each year group. Individual subjects can be chosen using the dropper. 

Formative attainment & progress - pie charts using multi-tick summary data. Individual subjects and year groups can be chosen using the dropper. 

Progress - bar chart of progress since previous key stage for each year group. Individual subjects can be chosen using the dropper. 

Quick Tick - quick access tool for achievement tick recording (superseded by Pupil Asset's Teacher App for those that can access it).


Attendance - pie chart of each year group"s current attendance percentage. 

Roll Call - overview of the day"s registers (green if complete, orange if incomplete).

Timetable - registers assigned to the user today.

Other Tools

Behaviour - average positive/negative behaviour score for each year group.

Daily Behaviour Log - shows a list of behaviours logged during the day for the chosen year group. 

Birthdays - list of upcoming pupil and staff birthdays this week.

Pupil Asset Announcements - see important announcements from Pupil Asset.

Staff Meals - record your staff meal (if you take one).

Upcoming Events - see upcoming events recorded in the school calendar.

Comms Log - provides a quick view of the communications that have been set for the period. 

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